I had to be in Court at 9:00 am this morning, so I had to put on the suit and tie. There was some car trouble over the weekend, so I was going to take the train. It’s only a three block walk to the Metra station, but I had to carry my computer case and gym bag, which I took home over the weekend. The tempurature was about 90 degrees and the humidity about 95% After walking briskly for three blocks (so as to catch the train) carrying my suitcoat, gym bag and computer case, I had a nice rolling sweat going. When I arrived downtown, I decided to have a cup of coffee at the Metra Market. I sat down there, flipped on my computer, sipped my coffee, and thought that maybe it could turn out to be a pleasant morning after all…
As I sat there, I noticed that it was getting less light outside, and thought that it was about time to wrap up my work and get to the office. Suddenly it turned dark as night, the doors to the train station blew closed, simultaneous thunder and lightning errupted, and pouring rain and howling winds immediately followed. It was then that I remembered that I had taken the umbrella out of my gym bad just before leaving home because I was concerned over how much stuff I was carrying. By now it was after 8:00, but finishing my coffee and staying put a while seemed like a good idea.
By 8:25 it was time to move, only because court was at 9:00. I could have gone straight there, but I was still lugging a gym bag and computer case that I really didn’t need to have with me in court, and I didn’t have this morning’s file, which I really did need. So, I went into CVS, bought another umbrella, and decided to head to the office and then double back to Court. In the three block walk from the Metra Station to my office, naturally my new umbrella got turned inside out and upside down and generally got mangled in the wind, leaving me soaking wet. I got into the office, dropped my things, grabbed my file, and went back to outside, trying to make double time back to court. “Nice umbrella,” a passerby commented. I decided to just let it rain on me. At least I stopped sweating.
I arrived at the Daley Center and got off the elevator just as it was turning 9:00, with my shirt collar unbuttoned and my tie still stuffed in my pocket. Turn left for the courtroom or right for the men’s room? Right. After buttoning up the soaking shirt, knotting my wrinkled wet tie, looking hoplessly at my wet hair, I hurried back around the corner to the courtroom…
“The Judge will be absent this morning…” read the sign posted on the locked door. Everyone with a case scheduled for this morning was instructed by the sign to return next monday morning.
How’s your Monday?

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